Michigan Basin Project


Michigan Basin

This page updated 07/17/17

In January 2017, Daybreak acquired a 30% working interest in 1,400 acres in the Michigan Basin where we have two shallow crude oil prospects.  The leases have been secured and multiple targets have been identified through a 2-D seismic interpretation.  A 3-D seismic survey was obtained in January and February of 2017.  An analysis of the seismic survey confirmed the prospect identified on the 2-D seismic, as well as identified several additional drilling locations.  We will obtain an additional 3-D survey to better delineate the other locations before a drilling program commences.  The wells will be drilled vertically with conventional completions and no hydraulic fracturing will be required.  The first well is expected to be drilled during the late summer of 2017.  We plan to spend approximately $300,000 in new capital investments within the Michigan acreage area in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.